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One of my favourite hobbies

One of my favourite hobbies

Anassa Rhenisch was raised on a steady diet of science fiction and fantasy, including Tolkien, Lewis, Dahl, Pullman, Wrede, Adams, and Rowling. Her imagination is attracted to stories of possibility, transformation, and  extra-human abilities (including, but not limited to, superpowers and magic). She has an open mind on the subjects of aliens and ghosts. It’s only natural that she’d end up as an unrepentant geek.

Thanks to the obsession with words that began about the time she was introduced to The Hobbit, Anassa now has a B.A. in linguistics and English, and is working on becoming an author. (She naturally writes science fiction and fantasy.) Anassa has also discovered an inherent talent for editing, which she credits equally to her reading habits, her degree, and the many grammar lessons she sat through in high school. In particular, her ability to punctuate is now an instinct. Her favourite thing about editing is seeing people improve and helping them to do so.

Anassa does not normally refer to herself in third person. She only does so when writing biographies. You can reach her at anassa(dot)rhenisch(at)gmail(dot).com, or by leaving a comment on her website.

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  1. Harold Rhenisch permalink
    February 23, 2015 9:56 pm

    Cool stuff!

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