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Songs and Stories, Stories and Songs

November 13, 2015

The person who introduced me to The Decemberists did so by describing them as only writing songs that inspired fiction. While I do love their music and lyrics—there’s this lush, poetic quality, narratives, folk tale motifs, that sort of thing—I’m not seized by a need to novelize everything they’ve done. But there are a few songs that I do want to draw from at some point, because every time I hear them, they inspire my curiosity if nothing else.

The Decemberists became a launching point for other, well, I call the genre “indie folk”. Not sure if that’s accurate or not, but there you go. These are other bands who use traditional instruments and folk motifs and storylines in their music. And again, there’s the odd song I want to dig deeper into someday. Maybe. If there’s ever time.

What about you? What songs do you want to explore someday?

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