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Questions of the Day

November 9, 2015
    1. Is postmodernism, the drawing together of disparate elements to create art that would not be recognized as such even a hundred years ago, a good thing or a bad one? Does it show a kind of creativity that our ancestors did not have, or does it pervert the nature of art and therefore necessitate rejection? Is it all a matter of degree? Should I go with my gut on this and do what feels right?
    2. Do I have the right to write about non-white and non-straight people in my novel, when I do not have firsthand knowledge of their experiences but plan to research and get beta-readers? Do I have the right to try to publish such a book?
    3. Am I being terribly gross and colonialist in other ways, and again, do I have the right to try to publish if so?
    4. Is the disparate elements aspect of postmodernism not actually a new thing, because everyone creating art has always drawn from multiple sources of inspiration, especially when writing fiction?
    5. Am I spending too much time on Tumblr and letting it warp my view of reality?
    6. Am I not a real writer because I’m not driven to make it a full-time thing and quit my day-job? Because I’m not constantly writing when away from the day-job?
    7. Why is my plot falling apart, exactly?Is my writing any good or am I just biased?
    8. Is the internet going to jump on me for asking these questions? Am I going to lose the future agent I don’t yet have when they find this?
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  1. Harold Rhenisch permalink
    November 9, 2015 4:17 pm

    Well, postmodernism is only a view that takes the creation of a piece of art to be part of the piece of art and part of its story. Nothing more, nothing less. If it’s something that “creates art that would not have been recognized as such a hundred years ago,” that’s pretty surprising, as pretty well anything went, at least in revolutionary circles. But, what, specifically are you referring to? It might be something completely different than postmodernism. A plot falls apart because of a glitch. The glitch might be that you see a glitch when things are just fine. So, what is the “postmodernist” thing that has you spooked? It would be enjoyable to see.


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