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The Spaces Between

October 21, 2015

I have always loved the liminal spaces, those moments when the world is not quite one way, not quite another. They felt special even before I found out they were strongly associated with magic. Spells break at midnight, or at dawn. Birth is a powerful time, as is death. Fairies appear at twilight. Vampires cannot cross running water. Rivers are where you sacrifice gold; bogs are where you sacrifice the dead. Ghosts and tricksters are liminal too, as are rites of passage and any sort of new beginning, if you care to widen the net.

For me it’s more the turning of the seasons, ocean shores, sunsets, fog, eclipses, and to some degree, solstices. There’s a feeling of possibility there, a joy, a sense of the world changing around me, of not quite being in a place despite clearing being so. Perhaps there are ghosts just around the corner? Perhaps magic exists? Perhaps I can cross from one world into another.

And yes, it has been foggy this week, why do you ask?


Winter sunset on a mountaintop




Burns Bog




Foggy beach at dawn



Lunar eclipse



Becoming fall



Another foggy beach

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