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Falling Forward

September 23, 2015

IMG_2554I’m a fall girl at heart. There’s something about the fire colours of the leaves and the crispness in the air that livens up the place, even though everything’s packing up for the season. Spring’s great, of course—I love watching for buds on trees and first flowers pushing through—and winter’s snow and rain certainly have their moments. (Let’s not talk about summer. Summer is too hot.) But the first tree that turns colour?


I’ve yet to see a proper Eastern Canadian fall, with the maple forests and the broad blazes of red and orange over the hills. I bet that’s really something. For me, though, autumn is stands of yellow aspens, tawny reeds on the lake, and wood smoke.

It’s a chill on the air that smells of age,  dry pillows of grass, apples, and leaves on a gravel trail that never quite thaws from the nightly frost.


It’s also the time of Halloween displays in front yards, cobwebs in store windows, harvest festivals, and spiced drinks. It’s sweaters and gloves and reading on park benches.

IMG_2926Fall’s a kaleidoscope time.

IMG_9584I’d get tired of these colours if they lasted all year round, the way I’m slightly tired of grey and white by February and greenness by mid-August. Luckily, I don’t have to worry about that. We wouldn’t get one without the others.

I wear fall colours any chance I can get. They brighten up my day the way they brighten up streams.

IMG_3015Even the decay this time of year, the crackling grasses, the fungi, the mustiness of wet leaves—even that is beautiful.

IMG_2931Have a good fall!


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