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Book Nerd Problems

September 18, 2015


I am a book person, always have been and always will be. There’s something about the written word and paper pages that grabs me and doesn’t let go. As some of my customers at work say, it’s an addiction.

I’ve been meaning to do a post like this for a while now, as a snapshot of the time and place and current state of my library. Which is, uh, kind of messy because I couldn’t be bothered to rearrange all the shelves tonight to get the books on them properly and I figured you’d get the idea. Also, I know from past experimentation that there is no way to make photographs of these shelves as gorgeous as others I’ve seen, so sorry about that.

There’s actually more of a point to this exercise than just showcasing and humble-bragging (I think). I’ll get there. Stay with me.

This is Bookcase #1: Speculative Fiction.


Bookcase #2: DVDs, half the graphic novels, classics, other fiction, reference, and all non-fiction.


Stack #1: The other half of the graphic novels and standing proof that I really need to solve my shelving problem at some point soon.



Bookcase #3: Terry Pratchett.



Bookcase #4: Books I haven’t read yet (and some CD box sets).


Stack #2: Things I am currently reading—the commuting book, the bed book, the desk novel, two bathroom books, and a couch book. Not in that order.



Stack #3: Books to replace those in Stack 2 as I finish them.



Not pictured: a box of children’s books, a box of teen mysteries, three dictionaries, a stack of antique children’s anthologies, and the stack of books I need to take to the used bookstore.

So here’s the thing: The shelves I have are clearly overflowing, and that’s with regular weeding of unwanted titles. I have at least 350 books on my to-read list, with more added every week because I work in a bookstore and that’s just what happens. I’ve given in to the knowledge that I’ll never catch up, because no human can read that fast. But I’d really like to at least get the list below 200? Some day? I have this mantra on delivery days: “I don’t need to own this. I don’t need to own this.” It usually works, even!

So why did I go to the book sale at the public library today?


It’s not an addiction. It’s a lifestyle.

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  1. September 18, 2015 12:47 pm

    Awesome collection. Books are beginning to take over my house!

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