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In No Particular Order

September 16, 2015
  1. The protagonist did not die, but it was a close thing. I’m back to wishing the series was published faster, because I can never get enough of it.
  2. It’s fantastic having friends who both understand me when I talk about narrative and story and are willing to indulge me about it.
  3. It’s also fantastic having friends who agree with me about the failings of certain TV shows even when they’ve never seen an episode.
  4. Andrew Marvell managed to rhyme “Cesarean section” in a poem and I am both jealous and impressed.
  5. This is partly because I’m writing something for work/Halloween right now and the rhyme scheme is a doozy.
  6. I will never catch up on my to-be-read list. Ever ever. Not even when I currently have a book on the go in every room of my flat.
  7. I’m feeling kind of bad about not posting more history or language thoughts here these days, or anything of substance, actually, but my thoughts have just been elsewhere.
  8. I estimate I’m about halfway done the first draft of The Novel. Hooray! Let’s hope it holds together from here on out.
  9. I’d kind of like to follow more writer-bookish types on Tumblr but don’t have the motivation to look through the tags or really drill down, so if anyone has suggestions, they should let me know! Even if they’re suggesting themselves.
  10. It’s really weird how people can live their whole lives and still never hear certain phrases.
  11. I love having friends who get my sense of humour.
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