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That Wonderful Moment

September 11, 2015

Things have clicked for me this week, and since that feels really good, I’m kind of riding a high right now.

First, and least significantly, I’ve finally started in on a book that’s research for my novel and it turns out it takes place in the exact same area as one of the legends I’m dealing with. I got this brilliant “aha!” moment because now I know a whole bunch more about the “hero” of the legend than I did before—and it probably relates to something else to do with the magic system, but I can’t say for sure until I finish reading.

My second moment requires a bit of backstory. I’ve been listening to Writing Excuses for a few years now because I’ve found it that of all the writing advice stuff I followed to Learn About The Craft, it’s the only thing that’s consistently giving good tips and things to think about. This season they’re doing a masterclass, working listeners through the process of writing a novel, and between the last couple episodes and my writing session this week, I think it’s finally, properly, hit home: I’m not a beginner with this writing thing.

I’ve more or less known this subconsciously for a year or two, of course, and I’m not an advanced writer by any stage of the imagination, but to have that certainty now, that feeling of progress… it’s fantastic, it truly is. I’m not making beginner mistakes like over-stuffing the cast or head-hopping, I’m not having to think about seeding foreshadowing or setting a scene without that awkward “this is what it looks like” paragraph, I’m writing pretty decent dialogue if I say so myself, my infodumps are at least broken up a bit and funny—you get the idea.

Of course, the fact that I am still writing infodumps is a bit of a problem, like how I keep using “just” and “really” and “so” as crutch words and how my plot is still a bit wobbly, but I can fix that stuff in further drafts and nobody needs to know! Except you guys, of course, because you’re reading this. Please don’t tell?

So yeah, right now I’m riding a high at the moment and am hoping to keep it at least another week or two, if only because the opposite feeling, that everything I’ve ever written is horrible, sucks so badly. Wish me luck!

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