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Falling Down Wikipedia

August 17, 2015

So I’m into weird things, yes? Monsters and UFOs? Unsolved mysteries? Strange coincidences and stranger deaths? That sort of thing? The kind of stuff that gets me labelled as “slightly weird” to “give her a wide berth”, depending on circumstance.*

With those sorts of interests, my internet addiction, and my glee in inflicting my knowledge (and pain) on other people, I give you lists! Of weird things! From Wikipedia! These should keeping you reading until Wednesday, at least. These are all lists I’ve delved into at one point or another, many even this year.


Urban Legends


Probably not a laptop. from Wikimedia Commons

Probably not a laptop.
from Wikimedia Commons




General Strangeness

Comparison of vampire traits in fiction

      The master

list of lists of lists

From now on, if you ever wonder a) where I get my ideas or b) why my writing is occasionally really … strange, you’ll at least have a basic answer.

Have other lists of odd trivia along these lines? Please post! You know now how much I love that stuff.


* As far as I know, the “wide berth” has never been given, though I’ve gotten strange looks on buses.

** Though honestly, a lot of those aren’t that much of a mystery—man gets in plane, flies off, never seen again, that kind of thing. Still fascinating reading.

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