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A Case of the Mondays

August 12, 2015

I don’t actually dislike Mondays. At the moment, they’re one of my days off. I get to gad around town and go to museums and write and whatnot. This past Monday, my parents were in town, which meant Dad drove me around to local nature spots that are slightly less-than-fun to get to if you only use public transit. We got to chat while we did that, which was also good, but it’s all novel-related or political or family stuff and I bet you don’t really want to hear that.

I bet you like pictures, though.

The first place we went to was Boundary Bay, which is touted as a bird sanctuary and is in general a Pacific beach of the “but it’s in Vancouver” subset.


There were some very interesting plants on the dunes:



And some ravens:


And seagulls:


And a rabbit!


And lots of space:


And some very pretty green plants:


After that, we went to Burns Bog, which is one of the only peat bogs left in Canada. They don’t really let you walk through much of it, just a bit on the edge. Sure was neat, though.


Those bushes are salal. Their berries were eaten by the local First Nations and taste kind of like a cross between a pear and a blueberry. Here’s a close-up.


Here are some flowers:


And then the bog turned into more of a forest:


with mushrooms


and spiders!


I love Pacific rainforests. The moss is so gorgeous.


At the end of our route we found a tractor. Apparently it was stolen back in the 1960s, driven into the bog, and sunk too fast to be pulled out again.


We had a good laugh.

And finally, butterflies!


Overall, a very good day. I’ll need to go back to the bog in a different season, I think. The spring, when the salal is flowering, would be gorgeous.

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