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Recent Happiness

July 8, 2015
    • Writing’s been going really well lately. I’ve backtracked a bit lots because my protagonist didn’t have proper motivation for a thing and I chose to write the motivation in instead of flagging that for later—the result being that the series arc is now actually integrated into the story and helping to things forward. And yes, it’s going to be a series, this is me.
    • Speaking of writing, one of the minor characters I’ve added makes really terrible puns. Specifically, terrible geology puns, because those are the schist.
    • Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries because it’s cheesy and ridiculous and Phryne is wonderful.
    • Killjoys because it’s exactly what the doctor ordered for Firefly withdrawal. I don’t care that it’s been ages since I got hooked on Firefly. There’s still withdrawal.
    • I spent the evening catching up with friends. It’s been months since I saw them because we’ve all been busy, and that would be happiness enough, but they liked my plot bunnies and I liked their plot bunnies and they agreed with me about terrible writing decisions and it was generally a good time.
    • I’m already up to 46 books read this year. I think I might actually set a new record!
    • Three of those books have been the trade editions of Ms. Marvel, and her particular brand of heroism, geekery, and teenage awkwardness makes me smile.
    • For that matter, so does Rat Queens.
    • And well-written Marvel Cinematic Universe fanfiction, even though I’m not linking you to that.
    • I’ve been hand-selling some really excellent books at really excellent rates.
    • There might be diamond oceans on Uranus and Neptune.
    • There is definitely liquid water on three separate moons in the solar system.
    • Many dinosaurs had feathers and we even know what colors some of them were.
    • Still can’t believe I was on the radio.
    • And finally, this song:

What’s good in your life?

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  1. Harold Rhenisch permalink
    July 9, 2015 10:50 pm

    I love bad geology puns! I’m glad you’re having so much pun letting them slip!

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