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Tropes and Wishes II

June 17, 2015

Four things I’d like to see less of in fiction:

  1. Strong, beautiful German antagonists with military bearing
  2. Magical pregnancies
  3. Fantasy shows that use surface world-building instead of codifying the rules from the get-go
  4. Female protagonists who are supposed to be relatable because they’re clumsy, scatterbrained, and boy-crazy

Four things I’d like to see more of in fiction:

  1. Self-aware princess stories for adults that are more homage than send-up (see: Enchanted Forest Chronicles, Princess Bride)
  2. Historical fantasies that aren’t steampunk, Regency, or “past-era-but-with-all-the-names-changed”
  3. Reworkings of classic children’s tales à la Gregory Maguire and Alias Hookwhere the villain is redeemed by telling their own story
  4. Characters who have rich, varied lives, personalities, and arcs, and just happen to be queer or disabled. Especially if they’re protagonists.

As always, if you have suggestions for reading or watching that fit the second bill, I’m all ears!

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