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Falling Into Place

April 15, 2015

Yesterday was a writing day, but I couldn’t really get the oomph to knock out words. Didn’t know where the scene was going. Ran into an unexpected character introduction. Realized there were some things I had to hash out before I kept going. So I opened a second document and did some free writing to work things out. (It’s not as good as talking at people, but it’s close.)

Half an hour later, I’d solved three major problems in the novel. I know who the unexpected character is, baring his name. I know what my protagonist is looking for. I know what the important objects from the backstory are. It’s such a great feeling to finally know this stuff, see it all slot into place within the world-building, and feel in my gut that it’s right.

I’m celebrating by grinning profusely and not thinking too hard about where the novel goes from here. That’ll come in my next session and who knows, by then maybe that character will have a name.

Gold, just like my ideas

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  1. April 15, 2015 3:34 pm

    Great news!

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