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Tropes and Wishes

March 2, 2015

Four things I’d like to see less of in sci-fi and fantasy novels:

  1. Redheaded heroines
  2. Surprise Elder Gods (the threat is vague until the climax, at which point there are unforeshadowed tentacles)
  3. Surface comedy, where things are decidedly silly but there’s very little substance underpinning it
  4. White people

Four things I’d like to see more of in sci-fi and fantasy novels:

  1. Dinosaurs
  2. Urban fantasy set outside the English-speaking world, or at least outside the 6 or so “standard” locations in the US and England (Where is Berlin? Jerusalem? New Delhi? Rio de Janeiro? Manchester?)
  3. Stories that take their structure or relationships from fairy tales without being fairy tale-centric (see: Sunshine by Robin McKinley, which does Beauty and the Beast with a baker and a vampire)
  4. Music as a major plot or character element

Addendum: If you, readers, know of books that fit the bill, by all means, name them in the comments! I do not strictly need more books on my TBR shelves, but that hasn’t stopped me yet—she says, planning a book-buying trip on Tuesday.

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