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Quick, mostly brief update

October 6, 2009

Draft Three is coming along slowly. I’ve just gotten through a reworking of the first two scenes narrated by my protagonist, which involved an unplanned reordering of events.* Now that that’s over, I should be able to rework quite a few more scenes with my protagonist before re-encountering the Wall of Past Changes, over which I cannot pass until I reorder more events. That’ll come during … Day 5, I think it is—the second major bookstore scene which probably has to be set somewhere else. Sigh.

Mantra of the week: “It’ll be an excellent book when I’m finished these changes. No, really. Really, it will.”

Obvious statement of the week: “I’m such a nerd.”

*Hopefully my beta readers will still recognize the MS when they see it again. And not be confused. One can hope.

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