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On Editing My Novel, or, the Inaugural Post

September 8, 2009

I’m starting the first round of edits on the second draft of my novel, and I’ve realized just how much I need to change or rework. I have characters who’ve gotten different jobs between the time I finished draft two and now, I have world-building that needs to be added or altered, I have at least one character who doesn’t sound like himself most of the time, and I need to shorten the time span (probably). And that’s just half of it.

I’m starting the editing process by reading through the manuscript (on my computer, of course) and making a note of every inconsistently, point that needs changing, reworking “opportunity”, and so on, much, I suspect, the way an agent or editor would do for a substantive edit. Hopefully, though, when I get to that stage, there’ll be much, much less red ink on my manuscript than I’m putting there.

One thing that occurred to me today is that I should probably start reading as much urban fantasy/mystery as my brain can cope with. Even if what I’m writing is science fiction, there are enough similarities between it and the aforementioned genre that I think I can learn a lot by Seeing What Other People Do. I love the kind of things I get to count as research.

Can anyone suggest a good series? Besides Jim Butcher, Tanya Huff, and Kim Harrison, that is. I’m familiar with what they offer.

If nothing else, I’m getting more practice at substantive editing, and wearing my Editing Glasses again. Unfortunately, that’s more fun when I’m not looking at my own work.

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